Improve Negotiations with New Digital 2020 AAPA Salary Report

New Digital Version Allows for Timesaving and Customization

August 7, 2020

The tried-and-true AAPA Salary Report, used by thousands of PAs to negotiate their compensation for more than a decade, got a major upgrade this year. The new, customizable digital version will improve PAs’ storytelling and negotiation, not to mention being a great timesaver.

“People have come to know and expect certain things from AAPA’s Salary Report,” says AAPA Associate Director of Research, Tim McCall, PhD. “The biggest new feature in 2020 is that you can get all the same information that is in the PDF digitally, customized to your situation.”

Access Your Custom Salary Report

According to McCall, although the PDF is still available for download, the digital version on AAPA’s website will be a beneficial tool for PAs.

“In the PDF version, you can find the introductory material which focuses on factors at the national level, such as where PAs are working and their general compensation,” McCall says “Those 200-plus pages break out compensation by experience, work setting, and primary specialty. When it comes to the digital version, you can find everything that is in the traditional salary report, except it’s in sections. Normally, in the PDF version, you need to look at multiple tables to make salary comparisons from state-to-state. This often takes time.

“In the digital 2020 AAPA Salary Report, you can make easy comparisons across multiple scenarios in seconds, such as switching from family to emergency medicine in two separate states. You can also adjust compensation data for cost-of-living at the state level to see what the buying power of that compensation might be. So, the digital AAPA Salary Report can give you that much information that much faster.”

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McCall says the apples-to-apples comparison for someone who is in a similar situation (same specialty and years of experience) is an invaluable negotiating tool, especially if looking to move to a different state.

“The best way to describe the tool is to give an example,” McCall says. “If a PA working in California considers moving, it is helpful to understand what compensation someone at a similar level, with similar experience, is receiving in a different state. Using the digital tables, you’ll be able to print it out, or save it for later. We are really just giving everyone the same information found in the PDF in a digestible format that they can access more quickly.”

The digital version was tested by a group of 50 PAs prior to being uploaded on AAPA’s website. McCall said feedback was overwhelmingly positive. “Once people know how to use the digital tool,” he says, “it is abundantly clear it is better.”

“We’re already looking forward to expanding the functionality of next year’s report to make it  more useable for PAs.”

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