New White Paper Will Help You Understand Transparency Issues

Educate Others on PA Transparency with White Paper and Fact Sheet

October 15, 2020

By AAPA Reimbursement Department

Transparency is at the heart of many AAPA advocacy efforts. Inadequate identification of PAs and the services they provide creates flawed data which are then used to inaccurately inform important decisions made by patients, policy makers, payers, researchers, and others. Because Medicare, some Medicaid programs, and many commercial payers currently implement non-transparent practices, the problem is widespread.

The lack of transparency of PAs and services they provide can take many forms. In addition, a lack of transparency and the causes of reduced transparency may amplify other concerns, such as poor design of reimbursement arrangements, patient access issues, inaccurate data, fraud, and decreased efficiency of care.

To help educate PAs and others on this complex issue, AAPA’s Reimbursement team has developed a white paper titled Advancing Data Transparency: Understanding the Impact of PAs. The paper provides an important primer on the issue to PAs, employers, payers, and other interested stakeholders.

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Advancing Data Transparency: Understanding the Impact of PAs can be found on AAPA’s reimbursement webpage. Included on the same Transparency resource webpage is an accompanying two-page fact sheet that summarizes a number of the major points discussed in the white paper. This fact sheet can be used for initial advocacy outreach on the issue, or as a leave behind at meetings. The white paper provides more detail on the issue if more information is requested.

The last few years have seen an increasing trend toward identifying, analyzing, and removing barriers that limit PA visibility and the attribution of care to PAs. PAs need to have important conversations to reduce the negative consequences of a lack of transparency – with their employers and the payers with whom a PA’s employer contracts. Use this white paper to prepare yourself to talk to your employer about reimbursement arrangements, and with the appropriate payer about terms and organizational policies pertaining to PAs.

Finally, use the Advancing Data Transparency white paper, in concert with the accompanying fact sheet, to help accelerate the movement to eliminate outdated non-transparent policies by helping stakeholders understand this important topic.

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