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Helping PAs Land the Right Position for 21 Years

March 10, 2020

Headshot of Jennifer Hohman thumbnailThe PA Career Coach, Jennifer Anne Hohman, has been advising PAs on their careers since 1999. She offers personalized guidance to new and experienced PAs in the areas of career navigation, resume and professional material preparation, interviewing, and contract negotiation. Jennifer has helped hundreds of PAs get their dream jobs, and she’s shared lots of insight and expertise with us over the years. Take advantage of all her best tips and tricks.

Cultivate Your Network: Employment References

Creating your references list is an essential part of the job search that can also help you cultivate your professional network and prepare you for interviews.

Job Crafting: Make the Most of Your Current Position

Job crafting, redesigning your current job to be more satisfying, is especially useful for PAs who need to stay in their current positions; these PAs can use insight and ingenuity to make the most of their given work situations.

Outside the Clinic

Do you ever wonder about the options for nonclinical employment open to you as a PA? There are many available.

The Importance of Communication in Your PA Career

Here, I’d like to suggest some ways of improving communication at work, with the goal of greater vitality, presence, and connection to colleagues and patients.

Feeling Unfulfilled? You Might Need a New Job

Changing jobs is one of the most impactful ways of creating positive change in your PA career. Is it time for you to move on from a position that is no longer inspiring, sustainable, or financially rewarding?

4 Practice Environment Factors to Consider: Where Will You Thrive?

When deciding between offers, it’s worth considering the different practice environments. Whether you’re considering working at a hospital, for a hospital-employer at a practice, or any type of private practice, there are pros and cons to any option.

How to Stay Sane During the Job Search Process

The job search is an exciting process that can yield great insights into your PA career priorities and goals. While challenging at times, here are some suggestions for making your next job search effective, rewarding, and enjoyable.

Effective Career Navigation Starts With Self-Assessment

One of the great, unique attributes of the PA profession is its breadth of career possibilities across the spectrum of medical, and increasingly, nonclinical practice.

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How to Mitigate Negative Job References

Even the most successful PA career hits the occasional snag that can make transitioning to a new position challenging. Aside from potential contract disputes, a frequent trouble spot is obtaining a positive reference from a former employer with whom there was a conflict.

Getting the Most out of your Benefits Package

This article covers ways of using the in-depth benefits data uniquely offered by AAPA to make the most of your contract negotiation.

Strategies for PAs to Prevent Burnout

While work/life balance will always be provisional and imperfect, it is worth seeking; it is essential PAs take care of themselves to prevent professional and personal burnout.

Still looking for help? Put Jennifer’s expertise to work for you – email Jennifer at [email protected] today!

Jennifer Anne Hohman is the founder of PA Career Coach, offering individualized career guidance to the PA community. She has been a passionate PA career advocate since 1999.

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