One Interview Tip I Would Give to All PAs

Career and Leadership Expert Andrea Lowe Shares Insights

August 16, 2019

By Andrea Lowe, MHA, PA-C

Interviewing PAsI’ve hired a lot of PAs during my career. I’ve interviewed even more. There is one simple tip I would give to all PAs who are interviewing – regardless of career stage or specialty, or the specific position they’re going after – do your homework.

Healthcare is a competitive field – you should anticipate that there will be competition for any job you’re interviewing for. Small distinctions can make a big difference. Be sure to research the organization on Google and LinkedIn, including the decisionmakers in your hiring process. Ask who will be in the interview. It may be individuals on a panel. Be familiar with the organization’s initiatives, recent achievements and make sure you are aligned with its culture. Your ability to talk about these elements will stand out during an interview.

You shouldn’t consider doing your homework a small thing. Consider it critical to success. In today’s hiring environment, there’s really no excuse not to prepare.

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Think about what’s important to your practice and be prepared to ask your questions when the opportunity presents itself. Part of your preparation should also include choosing appropriate interview attire, arriving early, putting your cell phone away immediately and on silent. Be engaged and present and make eye contact with everyone in the room. After the interview, it helps to send a thank you note. Either email or a handwritten note is appropriate and appreciated.

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Candidates that stand out to me are those who perform due diligence in researching the organization, ask good and sometimes hard questions, are engaged in the interview, and send a thank you note afterwards. This preparation doesn’t take a lot of time, but I guarantee it will help you stand out from the crowd and hopefully get the job!

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Andrea Lowe, MHA, PA-C, is director of employer strategies for CHLM and AAPA. Contact her at [email protected].

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