6 Success Tips for PA School

PA Students Around the Country Share What They Wish They’d Known

  1. Find a study group.

    Tip from Shaddin Tirhi, PA-S

  2. Support each other.

    Tip from Carolyn Saba, PA-S

  3. Prioritize your health.
    Tip from Bill Morris, PA-S

  4. No all-nighters.

    Tip from Samantha Mandell, PA-S

  5. Believe in yourself.
    Tip from Stephanie Nguyen, PA-S

  6. Use resources available to you.
    Tip from Steffi Bortenschlager, PA-S

AAPA offers many additional resources for PA students. Worried about surviving your didactic phase? Or your clinical rotations? Our survival guides have got you covered. Need to check your medical facts? Student members can access Maxwell Quick Medical Reference and UpToDate, among other sources for reliable clinical answers. Getting ready to take the PANCE? AAPA’s PANCE/PANRE Review is a new online tool that features the latest teaching methods, top educators, and a tech-forward approach, so you can feel comfortable before sitting for your exam. Check out these Student Member Resources today!

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