Volunteer to Lead Your Profession!

Board Applications due Feb. 23

The PA profession is among the most sought-after careers for young people today, in large part because of the PA leaders who devoted themselves to the profession and to future PAs who would follow in their footsteps. They invested their ideas, energy, passion, and leadership on behalf of their colleagues and the future of PA practice. AAPA is looking for these dedicated leaders – are you one of them?

While there are lots of reasons to lead your profession, the best reason is to help PAs practice to their fullest potential and be recognized as the incredible healthcare providers they are. Take the opportunity to apply or encourage a colleague you think would make an exceptional leader for AAPA’s 2018 Board of Directors. Applications close Feb. 23, so don’t delay!

Board members ensure AAPA remains strong, relevant, and responsive to the needs of the PA community in order to better serve our patients. There has never been a more critical time for this profession as together we tackle issues affecting how PAs practice in this rapidly changing healthcare environment. The PA voice must continue to be heard. Are you willing to become a Board member to share your experience, expertise and time on behalf of the profession?

Individuals who want to help to shape the profession, make an impact on healthcare, and ensure the future of the PA profession are encouraged to apply now.

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