Meet the Candidates

Meet the candidates running for the Director-at-Large position in the 2018 AAPA Board of Directors Special Election. Read their platform statements and personal information so you’re informed when voting opens on June 21.

Jennifer Orozco


Chicago, Illinois

Jennifer Snyder


Indianapolis, Indiana

What is the AAPA Board of Directors?

The 14-member Board of Directors is AAPA’s governing body, delegated fiduciary responsibility by the Articles of Incorporation for the management of the organization. The duties of the Directors include:

Duty of Care: State law requires a Director to discharge his or her duties with the care an ordinarily prudent person in a like position would exercise under similar circumstances. This duty of care requires that Directors of a nonprofit organization become reasonably informed about the organization’s activities, participate in decisions, and do so in good faith and with the care that an ordinarily prudent person would exercise in similar circumstances. It requires, among other things, that Directors demonstrate a strong interest in an understanding of AAPA’s mission, goals and business within the context in which AAPA operates; have experience or knowledge with respect to at least one area of Board responsibility, such as strategic planning, financial management, technology, fundraising and development, public relations or human resources; attend meetings of the BOD and appropriate committees; prepare in advance for BOD meetings by reviewing materials prior to a meeting, obtain information before voting to support good decision making and use independent judgment in decision making; regularly review the organization’s finances, be sensitive to indications of potential problems or concerns and make further inquiry until reasonably satisfied that management is dealing with those concerns appropriately and comply with legal filing requirements.

Duty of Loyalty: State law also requires a Director to act in a manner the Director reasonably believes to be in the best interests of the corporation. The duty of loyalty requires BOD members to act in the interest of the organization and not in their own interest or the interest of any other entity, particularly one with which they have a formal relationship. When acting on behalf of the organization, Board members must put the interests of the organization before their personal or professional interests. This requires, among other things, that Directors disclose any conflicts of interest, avoid the use of organizational opportunities for individual personal gain or benefit, and not disclose confidential information about the organization.

Duty of Obedience: The duty of obedience requires that Directors comply with applicable federal, state and local laws, adhere to the organization’s Bylaws and remain the guardians of the mission. The duty of obedience is carried out by ensuring compliance with all regulatory and reporting requirements, such as filing the annual IRS information return and paying employment taxes, and making decisions that fall within the scope of the organization’s mission and governing documents.

Election Schedule


Candidate application and announcement launches for special election May 7
Deadline for candidates to submit all required materials for application May 21 at 5 pm EDT
Nominating Work Group interviews candidates May 25-30
Nominating Work Group call to determine endorsement status June 1
Slate of candidates announced June 5
Date for eligible voters to be current AAPA Fellows June 6
Election polls open at 9 am EDT June 21
Election polls close at 5 pm EDT June 28
Special election results announced June 29
2018-19 leadership term begins July 1
AAPA Board Orientation & Meeting, Alexandria, VA July 20-22
Eligibility & Qualifications of Candidates

AAPA Bylaws, Article XIII, Section 3

  1. A candidate must be a fellow of AAPA.
  2. A candidate must be a member of an AAPA Chapter.
  3. A candidate must have been an AAPA fellow and/or student member for the last three years.
  4. A candidate must have accumulated at least three distinct years of experience in the past five years in at least two of the following major areas of professional involvement. This experience requirement will be waived for currently sitting AAPA Board members who choose to run for a subsequent term of office.
  1. An AAPA or constituent organization officer, board member, committee, council, commission, work group, task force chair.
  2. A delegate to the AAPA House of Delegates or a representative to the Student Academy of the American Academy of Physician Assistants Assembly of Representatives.
  3. A board member, trustee, or committee chair of the Student Academy of the American Academy of Physician Assistants, PA Foundation, Society for the Preservation of Physician Assistant History, American Academy of Physician Assistants Political Action Committee, Physician Assistant Education Association or National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants.
  4. AAPA Board appointee.
2018-2019 Scheduled BOD Meetings

For planning purposes, candidates should be available for the following meetings:

BOD Orientation & Summer Meeting July 20-22, 2018 Alexandria, VA
Fall BOD Meeting November 4-5, 2018 Alexandria, VA
Winter BOD Meeting March 16-17, 2019 Alexandria, VA
AAPA Conference BOD Meeting May 17, 2019 Denver, CO

View Election Procedures & Guidelines.

Please contact Tom Shoemaker for any questions about the AAPA Board of Directors Special Election.