Mississippi adopts new and improved PA regulations

May 8, 2017

PAs in Mississippi celebrated key improvements to their PA rules this spring when new regulations were adopted by the Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure (MSBML). MSBML, the Mississippi State Medical Association, and the Mississippi Academy of PAs (MAPA), worked together to promote the revision. AAPA staff supported MAPA’s advocacy by preparing draft changes, position statements, and comprehensive research.

Mississippi’s new rules, which went into effect on April 17, made a number of significant improvements to PA licensure procedures and practice in the state. The new rules also give Mississippi its third element of the Six Key Elements of a Modern PA Practice Act.  These changes include:

  • Removing the limitation on the number of PAs who may be supervised by a physician (formerly limited to two PAs per physician), earning the state a key element;
  • Eliminating the requirement that a PA’s supervising physician make a personal appearance before the medical board;
  • Removing the onsite supervision requirements for experienced PAs who are new to practicing in Mississippi;
  • Clarifying the proximity requirement for PAs practicing in separate locations from their supervising physicians to reflect 30 miles rather than “within the same community”;
  • Eliminating the requirement that PAs applying for licensure provide the board with two physician references;
  • Removing the requirement that a physician notify the board upon termination of a supervisory agreement (instead requiring the PA to do so);
  • And, allowing the PA Advisory Committee to review practice agreements about which the board has questions.

The updated rules will make licensure easier for new PAs as well as experienced PAs moving to the state. They will also allow PAs to have more responsibility for their own practice by emphasizing the importance of the PA Advisory Committee and removing physician-centric licensure requirements. For more information on the updated rules or PA practice in Mississippi, contact Erika Miller, director, constituent organization outreach and advocacy.

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