PA Willie Binion talking to studentsPeople magazine features PA’s mental health education project

People magazine recently featured the inspiring story of PA Willie Binion and his wife, Deb, and how they are honoring their son’s memory with a project aimed at helping mentally ill children and their families.

In 2010, PA Binion’s son Jordan signed himself out of a Seattle hospital without receiving the treatment he needed for schizophrenia. The youth then took his own life. He was just 17.

The Binions, who were initially told they had no say in whether their son stayed in the hospital, successfully lobbied the Washington State Legislature to change the law so facilities have to make sure parents know they have the power to ensure the child receives treatment.

The couple started The Jordan Binion Project, which does mental health education in high schools. To date, they have given presentations  to more than 50,000 students.

Photo courtesy of The Jordan Binion Project via People


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