New MGMA report on PA & NP utilization released

February 8, 2017

Healthcare industry influencer Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) recently released a new research report and analysis that found 78 percent of better performing medical practices employ PAs and NPs.

In “The Rising Trend of Nonphysician Provider Utilization in Healthcare” MGMA’s goal is to help healthcare executives, practice administrators, and others understand how to incorporate PAs and nurse practitioners (NPs) into medical practice to maximize efficiency and profitability. The report gives an overview of the PA and NP workforce, reimbursement, licensure, median salary, and state practice environments.

AAPA believes that as demand for PAs continues to increase, understanding how to fully integrate PAs into a medical practice is critical to PA job satisfaction, retention, and recruitment. The report is a follow-up to MGMA’s 2014 report “NPP Utilization in the Future of U.S. Healthcare.”

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