Why I applied for a National Health Service Corps scholarship

By Sarah Taraborelli, PA-S

In order to detail my reasons for applying for this wonderful scholarship, I must first define what led me to the profession. One of the main reasons I chose to become a PA was to help those in need of medical care, specifically the populations that may have little to no access to these resources. I then gained acceptance into Touro University Nevada’s PA program, where I found that I fit perfectly, since their motives of helping the undeserved related to my own. I have found my niche in going out on what is known as the mobile health clinic, which focuses on providing those in greatest need with free medical care at various locations in Nevada.

Before I started school, I began researching different scholarships, grants, and ways to pay off loans after school. When I stumbled upon NHSC’s application portal, I could not believe what an amazing opportunity the scholarship promised. It would fulfill my goal of helping the undeserved, it would allow for me to be more adventurous by serving in a community that I have never been to, and it would be beneficial with respect to its financial incentives—paying for my education.

The NHSC scholarship has been rewarding to me not just financially, but also in that the program cares sincerely for its participants. I constantly receive emails about webinars that provide useful information to serving the undeserved in urban/inner-city clinics and in rural areas. I also receive information about possible job opportunities for after graduation, including a job search page that is updated frequently. Finally, I was even paired with a mentor that is a PA working in a rural clinic who provides guidance and support throughout my time in the program.

Consequently, I believe any student starting a PA program should consider applying for the scholarship. Being a PA will already be a rewarding career, but the scholarship will make the career even more meaningful since the population of interest includes those patients that are in need of healthcare and that otherwise may not have access to it due to the shortage of healthcare providers.

Sarah Taraborelli, PA-S, attends the Touro University Nevada PA program.

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