Student Society Resources

Student societies are groups of PA students who meet regularly to discuss issues of common interest. Each PA program can register a student society with the Student Academy.

The student society registration form opens July 1, and each student society must register their new officers annually. Not sure if your student society is already registered? Check our list.

Below are some resources that’ll help you set up a society and stay up to date on society activities.

Student Society Handbook

The Student Society Handbook (PDF) is a guide for PA students, faculty advisors and program directors for establishing a student society, organizing and maintaining the society and making it successful. Use the handbook as a resource and reference tool when electing officers, creating or amending society bylaws, sending representatives to AAPA’s Conference, planning activities and more.

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What is a student society?
  • A student society is a group of PA students who regularly meet to discuss issues of common interest; all must be student members of AAPA.
  • Three positions are required to register a student society: the student society president, the Student Academy Representative (SAR), and the state chapter student representative (SCSR).
Why start or continue a student society?
  • Student societies provide PA students with a chance to interact with other students.
  • Student societies provide a way to get involved with your peers, the PA profession and the community.
Why register a student society?
  • Registered student societies can send a representative to the Assembly of Representatives (AOR) meeting. They can compete for various Student Academy awards, several of which have a cash prize, and also participate in AAPA’s National Medical Challenge Bowl.
  • Societies receive the support of a national organization.
  • Registration is free. Register your student society online.
Not sure if your student society is registered?

View our list of student societies to see if your student society is registered or to determine what is missing from your registration application.