Student Academy

The Student Academy Board of Directors and AOR lead student efforts to further the mission of the Academy and move toward our vision of the future.

Student Board of Directors 2019-2020 group photo

Student Board of Directors

The Student Academy’s Assembly of Representatives annually elects and appoints PA student leaders who represent PA students around the country.

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Assembly of Representatives (AOR)

The Assembly of Representatives (AOR) is comprised of Student Academy Representatives from each recognized PA program’s Student Society. Students debate and determine resolutions which will guide the work of the Student Academy Board of Directors and Student Board Committees for the subsequent leadership year.

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Student Society Resources

Student societies are groups of PA students who meet regularly to discuss issues of common interest. Each PA program can register a student society with the Student Academy.

Hofstra PA program members

House of Delegates – Student Delegation

PA students form one of the largest delegations to the annual meeting of the House of Delegates, AAPA’s policymaking body. Applications for the 2022 HOD meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana will open in September 2021.

members of the student delegation to the AAPA House of Delegates

Challenge Bowl

AAPA’s hallmark student events happens each year at Conference! This medical game show allows PA students to test their clinical knowledge against other PA students from across the country. Which PA program will be the Challenge Bowl Champions in 2022?

students participate in the Challenge Bowl event at AAPA Conference

Recent News

Scholarship Recipient Jasmine Turner Encourages Fellow Students to Apply

Jasmine Turner, PA-C, was 18 months into her PA program when COVID-19 surged. She returned to shortened rotations and a delayed graduation. In the midst of uncertainty, Turner was awarded a Joyce Nichols Memorial Scholarship from the PA Foundation.

COVID-19 Fatigue is Real for Student Academy President

Student Academy President Katie Ganser, a PA student at the University of Colorado, thought she’d be well-suited to a socially distanced, work-from-home life. COVID-19 proved her wrong. She’s found the pandemic exhausting, but looks hard for silver linings.

PA Students Administer COVID-19 Vaccines Throughout Las Vegas Valley

Touro University Nevada PA students helped administer more than 400 COVID-19 vaccines during a January event. From the onset of the pandemic, students have been eager to help and community vaccination events give them the opportunity to do so.

PA Students Run Free Clinics in Florida

The University of Florida’s PA program offers students the opportunity to volunteer at the Equal Access Clinic Network, the largest student-run free clinic network in the state. Jasity Rush, PA-S, discusses collaboration, interprofessional exposure, and lasting impacts the clinics have on volunteers and patients alike.