Student Academy

The Student Academy Board of Directors and AOR lead student efforts to further the mission of the Academy and move toward our vision of the future.

Student Board of Directors

AAPA student members annually elect PA student leaders who represent PA students across the country.

Meet the Current Board Student Board Committees

Assembly of Representatives (AOR)

The Assembly of Representatives (AOR) is comprised of Student Academy Representatives from each recognized PA program’s Student Society. Students debate and determine resolutions which will guide the work of the Student Academy Board of Directors and Student Board Committees for the subsequent leadership year.

Hofstra University PAs at the Today Show

Student Society Resources

Student societies are groups of PA students who meet regularly to discuss issues of common interest. Each PA program can register a student society with the Student Academy.

House of Delegates – Student Delegation

PA students form one of the largest delegations to the annual meeting of the House of Delegates, AAPA’s policymaking body.

Student Academy Challenge Bowl attendees

Challenge Bowl

AAPA’s hallmark student events happens each year at Conference! This medical game show allows PA students to test their clinical knowledge against other PA students from across the country. Which PA program will be the Challenge Bowl Champion in 2023?

Recent News

PA Students Learn to Care for LGBTQ Patients

PA students Joshua Penninger and Jessica Yue share how their universities’ coursework and hands-on clinical experiences prepare them to address the specific needs of LGBTQ patient populations.

2022 PA Student of the Year Drawn to Profession by a Love of Science

Cassidy McCandless, MS, RD, is the 2022 recipient of the PA Student of the Year Award. A PA student at Missouri State University, McCandless leads nutrition education outreach projects and advocates for improving the PA student experience as the student member at large on the PAEA Board of Directors.

2022 Outstanding Student Society is Equipped to Serve

This year’s Outstanding Student Society is the Campbell University Wallace Student Society, whose members demonstrated their commitment to community service through volunteering at vaccine clinics, high school health fairs, and a local medical center.

New Data: PA Students Have Diverse Backgrounds, Life Experiences

In 2021, AAPA moved beyond asking students just about their gender, race, and ethnicity. The AAPA Student Survey included questions about PA students’ backgrounds to gain insights into the diversity of life experiences among new PAs joining the workforce.