PA Title Change Investigation


WPP is leading an independent Title Change Investigation (TCI) to determine the best marketing strategy and title for the PA profession. The agency was selected to conduct the investigation as a follow up to a resolution from AAPA’s House of Delegates and at the request of AAPA’s Board of Directors. The overarching goal of this project is to position PAs to successfully compete in the ever-changing healthcare marketplace.

The TCI is attempting to address two key questions:

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    Is there a need to evolve the PA brand based on an objective, well-informed, data and analysis-driven view of where it stands today?
  • 2
    And if so, how do we redefine how the PA profession is positioned, how its value is conveyed, and how it is titled to meet the requirements of tomorrow’s healthcare landscape?

How WPP/Landor Selected Alternative Title Options
Informed by extensive qualitative and quantitative research, WPP/Landor developed more than 150 alternative title options. Since then, many options have been eliminated from consideration following state and federal legal and regulatory investigations, trademark and acronym reviews, and other rigorous research. This document explains the criteria used to evaluate the alternative title options.

Final Report Presentations

Rescheduled for AAPA House of Delegates Meeting Nov. 20 – 22

The PA Title Change Investigation final report presentations from WPP/Landor and AAPA will occur during the rescheduled meeting of the AAPA House of Delegates (HOD), Nov. 20 – 22, 2020. Location, exact date and time, as well as CME information are coming soon. We appreciate your patience during this uncertain time.

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Major Milestones

Oct – Dec

  • Launch quantitative research to gain feedback on selected potential titles
  • Legal counsel identifies conflicts with potential title(s)

Jan – May

  • Identify financial implications related to title change
  • Due to cancellation of AAPA 2020 related to COVID-19, the TCI final report presentations are now scheduled to occur at the AAPA House of Delegates meeting, Nov. 20 – 22, 2020.