Data Requests

AAPA’s research department has a wealth of research leadership, analytical capacity, literature and data about PAs and PA students as well as pertinent health workforce issues. How can we best help you?

Data and Information Requests

If you need specific information that is not available on this website, please submit your request for information or data

Case-Level Data and Research Support

We have updated the policies for providing data and research support to PAs and PA Researchers. Please read through our Policy Guide on Data Collection, Access and Ownership to find out how we may best help you.

We have made our data available to qualified researchers. Other data may be available on a case by case basis.

Submit your request for case-level data.

Submit your request for support fielding a survey. Please note that we are currently scheduling surveys for dissemination in 2020. All requests are evaluated based on how they fit with the AAPA Strategic Plan as well as the Research Agenda.