The Top 3 Reasons You Should Take the Salary Survey

Support High-Quality Data, Advocacy Work, and PA Researchers

February 7, 2024

By AAPA Research

Last year, approximately 40,000 PAs accessed the AAPA Salary Report. It’s clear that PAs value the data included in our annual Salary Report – and we do, too.

Now you have a chance to be a part of the next Salary Report by taking the 2024 AAPA Salary Survey. It takes just fifteen minutes, and we want to hear from you. Students, too, can make their voices heard by taking the 2024 Student Survey.

Still unsure? Here are three reasons you should participate:

1. The Salary Survey provides quality, robust data for reports.
The more compensation and benefit information we collect from PAs, the better quality data we can provide back. When the next Salary Report is released, the data will be better if more PAs participate. This is particularly important for PAs practicing in smaller specialties, uncommon settings, and less populated states. Your voice matters!

The Salary Survey is also an opportunity to tell us about the day-to-day of your experience as a PA and make your voiced heard on the future and direction of the profession.

2. You will be directly supporting AAPA’s advocacy work.
The data collected in the Salary Survey is crucial for advocacy efforts at both the state and federal level. As we advocate for the PA profession, it’s important to have compelling data to demonstrate the value PAs provide to our healthcare system.

We use the information survey respondents provide to create resources such as the State Practice Profiles, which provide a high-level overview of PA practice in a given state. These are crucial tools for advocates talking with legislators, to make sure they understand what PAs do in their state.

3. You can support the work of PA researchers.
The core of the Salary Survey takes just fifteen minutes to complete – but there are additional, optional surveys you can take if you want to support PA researchers! Topics include dermosocopy, practice barriers, burnout, and more. You can complete as many (or as few) as you would like.

PA-led research is an important part of showing the profession’s value in the healthcare space. PA researchers are committed to advancing the profession through their research – and you can help just by contributing a small amount of your time.

Students – make your voices heard
The Student Survey is the only survey sent out annually to students – so this is an opportunity that PA students and pre-PAs don’t want to miss.

This survey asks students about topics like their experiences with bias within the PA school application process, burnout and stress, and academic research. By providing your responses, you’ll help us provide member benefits aligned with what students need most. Students can also help us better predict what settings and specialties will be most popular in the future, and we can be prepared to meet your needs once you’re practicing clinically.

The Salary Survey and the Student Survey are two crucial tools to help us advance the profession. If you are invested in raising awareness of the high-quality care PAs provide and the value they bring to our healthcare system, you should add these surveys to your to-do list.

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