Cross-Orgs Reaffirm Commitment to EDI

July 7, 2023

On behalf of all stakeholders within the PA community, the leaders of the Cross-Orgs (PAEA, AAPA, ARC-PA, and NCCPA) are expressing profound disappointment in and opposition to the recent decision by the Supreme Court effectively prohibiting race-conscious admissions policies in higher education. We believe this ruling hinders our collective efforts to foster equity, diversity, and inclusion in PA education and jeopardizes our ability to build a health workforce that truly reflects the diverse communities we serve.

As advocates for equitable access to education and a diverse health workforce, we firmly believe that race-conscious admissions policies are essential for creating a level playing field and dismantling systemic barriers that have historically marginalized underrepresented groups. These policies consider a wide range of factors, including race and ethnicity, to ensure that talented individuals from diverse backgrounds have a fair chance to join our profession.

Research consistently demonstrates that workforce diversity leads to improved patient outcomes, increased cultural competency, and enhanced access to quality care, especially for underserved communities. By eliminating race-conscious admissions policies, the Supreme Court’s decision threatens critical work underway to create a more inclusive healthcare system that produces health for all.

We call upon policymakers, educational institutions, and the public to unite in reaffirming our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion in PA education. By doing so, we can ensure that the future PA workforce is equipped with the skills, perspectives, and cultural competencies needed to address the complex health needs of our diverse nation.

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