Arizona Becomes Fourth State to Remove the Legal Tether Between PA, Physicians

AAPA Joins ASAPA in Commending Bill Sponsors for Their Support

April 19, 2023

Congratulations to the Arizona State Association of Physician Assistants (ASAPA)! Arizona is officially the fourth state to remove the legal tether between a PA and another healthcare provider. With the signing of H.B. 2043, PAs in the Grand Canyon State are now empowered to expand patient care through more modernized, team-based healthcare.

On April 17, Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs signed the legislation into law. In addition to removing the tether for those PAs with 8,000 or more hours of practice, the legislation will also allow direct payment to PAs, update who is responsible for the care provided by the PA, and allow the Arizona Board of Physician Assistants to determine appropriate regulations for changes in specialty. As Arizona currently has a separate PA board, the enactment of this law on December 31, 2023, will establish an optimal practice environment for PAs in the state.

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“ASAPA extends our gratitude to our prime bill sponsor, Representative Selina Bliss, and to our members for the ongoing efforts to advocate for this bill and to ensure lawmakers understand how updated PA practice laws can ultimately help address our state’s growing needs for access to quality healthcare,” ASAPA President Melinda Rawcliffe, MPAS, DMSc, PA-C, said.

AAPA joins ASAPA in encouraging PAs and PA supporters in the state to send an email of thanks to Gov. Hobbs and their elected officials.

“ASAPA has been working hard to secure these updates to law for many years,” AAPA President and Chair of the Board of Directors Jennifer M. Orozco, DMSc, PA-C, DFAAPA, said. “Their success is a win for PAs not only in Arizona, but across the country and for the patients they serve. With every state that makes this patient-positive change, leaders are demonstrating that it’s time to update the laws so that PAs can practice to the fullest extent of their education, training, and experience.”

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