Convenient Care Association Voices Support for Eliminating Barriers to Employing PAs

CCA Says Patients Will Benefit from Modernized PA Practice Laws

January 14, 2021

The Convenient Care Association (CCA), the national trade association of companies and healthcare systems that provide consumers with healthcare in retail-based locations, recently issued a statement of support for eliminating the requirement for a specific relationship between a PA and a physician.

The group, whose members include companies like Minute Clinic, Walgreens, and the Little Clinic, said modernizing PA practice laws will benefit their patients.

“By removing outdated administrative requirements, CCA members will be able to expand our work with PAs and increase patient access to care,” CCA stated.

“States must eliminate the requirement for a specific relationship between a PA, physician, or any other healthcare provider in order for a PA to practice to the full extent of their education, training, and experience. We believe removing this requirement will strengthen healthcare teams, expand access to care, and reduce healthcare costs. The majority of our patients currently do not have a primary care provider; expanding PA practice laws will mean bringing millions more Americans into our broader healthcare ecosystem through referrals and partnerships.”

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In light of the current pandemic, CCA noted, “the current public health epidemic has demonstrated that rapid transformation towards more innovative care models, is urgently needed.”

Convenient care clinics have a significant role in delivering accessible, affordable, quality healthcare to patients. These locations and their healthcare workforce will be vital in turning the tide in the public health emergency, including in COVID-19 vaccine roll-out. AAPA extends our appreciation to CCA for recognizing the importance of PAs and how patients will benefit from the modernization of PA practice laws.

For more information, contact Lauren Bates-Rowe, AAPA vice president, state advocacy and outreach.

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