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November 4, 2020

AAPA takes your PA career as seriously as you do. That’s why Career Central has everything you to need to write your resume, find a job, keep your professional information organized, and network with your colleagues. Are you taking advantage of all the career resources available at your fingertips?

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PA JobSource, PA Portfolio, and Huddle logosYour Source for PA Jobs
PA JobSource is the place to go when you’re ready to land your next PA job. It contains the largest source of PA jobs in the nation, jobs you can search through by specialty, location, and more. Right now, there are even COVID-specific job opportunities, for those PAs who want to join their colleagues on the front lines of the nation’s pandemic response.

PA JobSource makes it easy for PAs to find the right position. Create a Job Alert so that you’re automatically notified when a job posting meets your preferences. Job alerts are personalized and delivered straight to your inbox, so you’ll never miss a new opportunity!

You can use PA JobSource to leverage your LinkedIn network with its new “Social Connections” feature. When you’re looking at a job listing that’s particularly interesting, you can automatically see whether or not any of your own LinkedIn contacts work there. If they do? You can use your professional connections to gather additional information or request referrals.

Your Online Storage for Professional Documents
Break free from your overstuffed folder! PA Portfolio is an online storage and sharing tool from AAPA that allows you to create an inventory of essential PA career documents that can be accessed anywhere. Education, licensing, credentialing, and certification information can be stored all in one place – no more shoe boxes or accordion folders!

PA Portfolio was designed specifically with PAs in mind. It’s not just a storage tool – there’s a lot more it can do for busy PAs. PA Portfolio automatically syncs with Learning Central so your completed AAPA CME certificates automatically appear; it alerts you by text or email when action is needed – like when your state license is about to expire; it allows you to share your professional documents easily and securely with your current or potential employer – even from your smartphone. With features like these and more, PA Portfolio is the only tool you need to keep your professional life organized.

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Your PA Network
While many social media channels can be entertaining and educational, there’s only one online community that was made specifically for PAs and PA students: Huddle. As an AAPA member, you have access to this private community of your peers, where you can share ideas, discuss challenges, and network with PAs around the country.

Only other PAs have been in your shoes, and Huddle offers you the opportunity to tap into this nationwide network of PAs. Looking to grow into a leadership role at your workplace? Seeking advice on which advanced degree you should pursue? Or, are you a newly graduated PA who would really appreciate having a more seasoned PA to bounce ideas and questions off of? Ask the Huddle community!

Check out Mentor Match, which connects AAPA members who sign up. Mentors share their knowledge and expertise, and mentees have a seasoned PA who can help you navigate your new position, specialty, or career goal.

Huddle features a searchable directory, so you can find contacts by specialty (find out more about whether a specialty might be a good fit for you), location (connect with PAs in your area), and PA program (find your long-lost study buddy!). If you’re looking for a one-on-one connection, Huddle offers that too!

Your PA Career Hub
Career Central offers AAPA members these benefits and more! Career Central is frequently updated with information, resources, and helpful tips, so don’t forget to visit when it’s time to find a new job, organize your PA paperwork, or connect with your PA colleagues.

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