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October 23, 2020

PA Week 2020 is behind us, but the theme continues to ring true: PAs Are Essential. While celebrations looked different this year due to the global pandemic, PAs and PA students showed their support and celebrated the PA profession in a variety of ways. Here are a few of our favorite posts from this year’s PA Week.

Jackie Edwards, MPAS, PA-C, is a PA advocate. She shared three easy ways PAs can get involved with advocacy efforts. As she says, “It’s way simpler than you think!”

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Cailyne Ghazarin, PA-C, MPAS, center, (@caighaz on Instagram) practices emergency medicine in Providence, Rhode Island. She took the time to shout out her PA colleagues, who are showing up when patients need them the most.

Jang Mi Johnson, PA-C, practices dermatology in the Chicago area. In her PA Week post, she describes the reasons why being a PA makes her happy and proud. “I’ve always been called to be a healer,” she says.

Zubia Khan, MPAS, PA-C, (right) celebrated PA Week with her PA colleagues Emily McKnight, PA-C, (left) and Neha Modi, PA-C. The three PAs managed over 8,000 outpatient COVID-19 patients at the Kelsey-Sebold Clinic in Houston, Texas.

[One Patient Shares How PA Saved Her Life]

Khoi Lang, PA-C, (left) and Peter Trinh, PA-C, celebrate PA Week the right way: with cake! Lang (@khoi_fish82) and Trinh (@pete_trinh) practice gastroenterology in Dallas, Texas.

On Public Outreach Day, the Marist College PA program didn’t just encourage their social media followers to get their flu shots, they got vaccinated themselves!

Like all busy PA students, Joshua Montgomery, MPH, PA-S, multitasked this PA Week; he celebrated both the resiliency and adaptability of the PA profession, as well as Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Sarrina Patel (left) and Laynie Mason, both PA students at Trine University’s PA Program, worked with the rest of their cohort to give back to their community this PA Week. Despite limited volunteer opportunities because of COVID-19, they painted pumpkins, handmade cards, and dropped off dinner to their local Hope House location.

Thanks to all who participated in this year’s PA Week. Watch more PA Week highlights on AAPA’s Instagram.

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