Idaho Adds PA to State Medical Board

OTP Component Achieved

April 25, 2019

Idaho Governor Brad Little has signed legislation that will add a PA to the Idaho State Board of Medicine. In addition to adding a PA to the Idaho Board of Medicine, HB 9 also adds a fourth PA to the Board’s PA Advisory Committee, adds PAs to title protection provisions and allows retired PAs to obtain a volunteer license.

The addition of a PA seat on the Idaho Board of Medicine is an overdue change that the Idaho Academy of PAs has sought for several years. “We’re pleased the Idaho Board of Medicine will include a member of the PA profession and look forward to the seat being filled this summer,” said Todd Salzsieder PA-C, MPAS, M. Ed., President of the Idaho Academy of PAs.

The Idaho Legislature also recently approved rule proposals adopted by the Idaho Board of Medicine that increase the physician to PA ratio to 1:4, repeal requirements for the physician’s contact info on PA prescription forms, and repeal several burdensome administrative requirements for PAs in the state.

AAPA applauds Idaho having achieved a component of Optimal Team Practice by adding a PA to the state medical board. AAPA is pleased to have been able to provide state advocacy support and consultation to the Idaho Academy of PAs on these measures. HB 9 becomes effective July 1, 2019, and the new regulations became effective April 11, 2019.

For additional information please contact Keisha Pitts, JD, Director of State Advocacy and Outreach at [email protected].

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