PA Selected as One of LinkedIn’s Top Voices in Healthcare 2018

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ALEXANDRIA Va. (Nov. 15, 2018) – The American Academy of PAs (AAPA) congratulates Bianca Belcher, MPH, PA-C, director for the AAPAs’ Center for Healthcare Leadership and Management (CHLM), for being selected as one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices 2018: Healthcare.

As part of its 4th annual LinkedIn Top Voices list, LinkedIn identifies individuals who stand out on the platform by using data and editorial analysis, screening for engagement among professionals sharing their expertise, and measuring engagement and follower growth.

“We are thrilled that a PA was selected for the first time as a ‘top voice’ in healthcare by LinkedIn. This honor demonstrates the growing influence of PAs in the healthcare marketplace,” said Jennifer L. Dorn, CEO, AAPA. “It is a special distinction that one of our own leaders, AAPA’s CHLM director, was named. PA Belcher is a tireless leader who understands how to increase the effectiveness of healthcare organizations through the utilization of PAs.”

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At CHLM, Belcher’s responsibilities are two-fold: advisory services for hospitals and healthcare systems, and leadership and management curriculum development for PAs and NPs. Belcher consults with healthcare executives to better integrate PAs (physician assistants) and nurse practitioners (NPs) into their organizational strategy and utilization, billing practices, and risk mitigation.

“I am honored to be selected by LinkedIn as a top voice in healthcare,” said Belcher. “I’ve seen first-hand the impact that professional growth opportunities and leadership have had on my career and I look forward to continuing to guide other PAs and NPs interested in taking their professions to the next level.”

Making the most of PAs and NPs — with respect to both patient care and the organization’s bottom line — requires a firm grasp of relevant federal and state laws, payer guidelines, and billing and reimbursement protocols, as well as an understanding of what drives PA and NP engagement. Established in 2014 to respond to employer concerns about how to fully utilize PAs and NPs, CHLM brings subject matter expertise to each of these critical areas.

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