Expert Research and Branding Firm Selected to Conduct PA Title Change Investigation

October 26, 2018

AAPA is pleased to announce the selection of WPP, a world-renowned research, branding, and communications company, as the firm that will conduct the PA Title Change Investigation.

Earlier this year, AAPA’s House of Delegates (HOD) recognized the need to look at the physician assistant title with fresh eyes.

In July 2018, AAPA’s Board of Directors, based on a preliminary project plan developed by an external marketing strategy expert, approved initial funding to support an independent investigation of the physician assistant title and potential alternatives.

Selection of WPP marks a significant step forward for the project.

WPP is a world leader in Communications Services with unparalleled expertise in healthcare and research. Its Health Practice serves over 140 healthcare companies with more than 3,900 dedicated healthcare experts, who have published more than 1,500 papers delivered in 385 conferences and journals.

WPP’s Health Practice brings the expertise of three of its major units: the research and analytical rigor of Kantar Insights, the consulting expertise of Kantar Consulting, and the brand and naming sophistication of Landor.

Kantar Insights is WPP’s global research agency, sitting at the forefront of brand insights, data integration, and advanced analytics, with offices in over 100 countries.

Kantar Consulting is a leading growth strategy consultancy, comprising 1,100 experts, thought leaders, and brand specialists dedicated to helping their clients to predict, deliver, and optimize growth.

WPP’s branding practice, Landor, is the single most-awarded brand consultancy in the world, with over 100 years of cumulative experience in naming and verbal identity.

The firm’s unparalleled expertise in research and branding will be an invaluable asset to this independent, comprehensive investigation. Members of their team will be able to access as a resource an Advisory Council of PAs, which is composed of PAs with differing clinical specialties and from a range of geographic areas.

The Advisory Council consists of twelve members: Nine members were appointed by AAPA’s president and chair of the Board of Directors, Jonathan E. Sobel, DMSc, MBA, PA-C, DFAAPA, FAPACVS), and three individuals were appointed by PAEA, ARC-PA, and NCCPA.

WPP will present an interim report on the Title Change Investigation to the HOD in May 2019.

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