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PA Portfolio a Tool for Storing and Sharing

July 13, 2018

By Kate Maloney

“This is a Godsend!” Linda Lind exclaims. A PA since 1999, Lind currently works as a surgical first assist with Sutter Medical Group in Sacramento, California. Over her career, she has experienced – more than once – the headache that comes when it’s time to change jobs, or prove your license is up to date, or, yes, you really did take that one CME six years ago. An online storage and sharing tool, PA Portfolio will help PAs like Lind – and you – by securely storing your education, licensing, certification, and career records. Whether you need it for your own reference or you’re applying for a new position, all of your essential PA career documents can be accessed with just a few clicks from your desktop or smartphone.

Benjamin Smith, PA-C, who practices is Thomasville, Georgia and specializes in rheumatology, is equally excited about PA Portfolio. “It’s an opportunity to highlight our expertise as individuals and as PAs. You’ll always have a place where your accomplishments, achievements, and skills are recorded and accessible,” he says.

Rosalie Adox, a PA in hematology/oncology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, agrees. “PA Portfolio includes all the essential aspects of being a PA. Employers will get a good snapshot of this particular PA’s pertinent information, also their work ethic and preferred specialties.”

Adox recalls two different times when she ended up spending precious free time looking for -requested documents. “I had to search everywhere,” she remembers. “It’s all in file folders, and they’re all labeled, but sometimes things get shifted inadvertently.”, Like Adox, Smith uses file folders for his important documents, and his are spread out between his home and office. “I’m looking forward to having everything readily accessible, no matter where I am,” he says. “Being able to pull the information quickly and in an organized way will be hugely time saving.”

Lind and Smith are both pleased that PA Portfolio is easy to update and will be useful at different stages in a PA’s career.  “Since it’s a living and growing collection, I’ll be able to use it throughout my career in various scenarios,” Smith says. Lind adds, “It will be great to have a current record of all my professionally-related materials. I look forward to it helping me remind me which of my various certificates might be about to expire.”

Lind refers to the constant need to find career-related paperwork a headache, and laughs. “It’s like the movie Groundhog Day,” she says. “It happens again…and again…and again. I search through these boxes over and over, and now, PA Portfolio’s freed me from this frustrating, time-consuming loop!”

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Kate Maloney is AAPA’s senior manager of corporate communications. Contact her at [email protected].

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