Louisiana Enacts Improvements to PA Practice Laws

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, Senator Eric LaFleur, Steven Presley, Sarah Deyo, and Jennifer Marusak, and Darrell Hunt
Front: Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards Back: Senator Eric LaFleur, Steven Presley, PA-C, Sarah Deyo, PA-C and LAPA President, Jennifer Marusak, Louisiana State Medical Society and Darrell Hunt, LAPA Lobbyist

Louisiana PAs are celebrating the enactment of a new law which removes an outdated requirement for prescriptive authority and increases the number of PAs with whom a physician may practice. Act 475 (formerly S.B. 528), which was signed on May 23, and becomes effective on August 1, was a key priority for the Louisiana Academy of PAs (LAPA).

The Act eliminates the requirement that a PA have at least 500 hours of post-graduate clinical training prior to applying for prescriptive authority. PAs seeking prescriptive authority will now simply be required to complete 500 hours of clinical training as part of their PA educational program. Act 475 also increased the PA-to-physician ratio from four to eight. The new law will eliminate delays and duplication in training experienced by PAs beginning practice and allow PAs and physicians additional flexibility in caring for patients.

Over the course of the legislative session, LAPA worked hand in hand with the bill’s sponsor, Louisiana State Senator Eric LaFleur (D-Ville Platte). After the bill’s passage, LaFleur made the trip to New Orleans to visit with LAPA members during AAPA’s 2018 Annual Conference.

LAPA helped to secure Act 475’s success by testifying before the legislature and engaging their membership through e-mail alerts and other communications. AAPA assisted LAPA by providing background research and information on laws in other states.

For more information about the new law or PA practice in Louisiana, please contact Erika Miller, director, constituent organization outreach and advocacy.

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