Get Ready for the 2018 AAPA Awards

December 27, 2017

Things moving a little slower over the holidays? It’s a great time to gather all the materials for your AAPA award application!

Do you have a photo of yourself in your work setting?

Have a colleague snap a quick photo of you during a break between appointments.

Take a look at your Curriculum vitae (CV).

If you haven’t changed jobs in a while, your CV may need so updating. Make sure it details your work experience so we can learn all about the great things you do.

Get a head start on those short-answer questions.

Complete them all in a single Word document that you can upload to the application portal when you are ready to apply.

Reach out to whoever you want to write your letter of recommendation.

Find a colleague or mentor who can write about your service, leadership qualities or the positive effect you’ve had on others in your career. Have them complete it in a Word document and send it to you to upload with your application.

Anything else you might want to include with your application?

Maybe an article was written about your work or you received a thank you letter from a patient. Whatever you choose to include, make sure it does not exceed more than four pages.

Gather your materials and apply!

Once you have everything you need, go to the application page online. It should only take you a few minutes to complete.

The awards process begins January 5, 2018. All applications/nominations are due by midnight EST on February 15, 2018. Email any awards questions to Kodi Erb at [email protected].

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