Utah repeals chart co-signature requirement from state law

April 6, 2017

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert recently signed SB 162 repealing the state’s requirement for PAs to have all chart entries that contain a Schedule II or III prescription co-signed by a physician. This bill is the result of the outstanding advocacy work of the Utah Academy of PAs (UAPA) who championed the bill as their legislative priority for 2017.

Utah PA Day on the Hill
Utah PA Day on the Hill

“The removal of this chart co-signature requirement for all Schedule II and III prescriptions was long overdue in Utah and we’re happy that the Utah Legislature agreed,” UAPA President Brandon Jones, PA-C, said. “This new law will significantly improve PA practice in Utah by allowing these policies to be determined by the team at the practice level.”

In support of the legislation, UAPA organized a successful PA Day on the Hill and legislative breakfast at the Utah State Capitol. The bill passed unanimously and was supported by the Utah Medical Association.

AAPA applauds UAPA’s excellent advocacy work in repealing this burdensome chart co-signature requirement. AAPA supports allowing healthcare teams, facilities, and group practices to establish policies that best suit the needs of the patients they serve.  For more information, contact Keisha Pitts, JD, director of constituent organization outreach and advocacy.

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