Clinical research trials guide for PAs

PAs practice in all areas of medicine and participate in most aspects of medical care. That includes investigational research where many PAs are involved in clinical research trials. Clinical trials are critical to the practice of medicine and can result in potentially lifesaving treatments when no others are available. Trials also provide medical professionals with new information on disease processes, treatment response and short- and long-term health outcomes.

There are many advantages to being involved in clinical research trials, both for PAs and for the medical community. For PAs, it is an opportunity to take part in the development of new treatments and for career advancement, with valuable skills acquired during the research experience. For the medical community, when more providers are engaged in clinical research, it increases the possibility of new discoveries, leading to advancements in medical treatments. Additionally, similar to the provider shortages throughout the country, PAs can be part of the solution to the shortages of medical researchers.

Working in clinical trials is another way PAs make their mark in patient care and on the practice of medicine. See how you can make a difference. Review the clinical trials list below.

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