Challenge Bowl Statement

The Student Academy National Medical Challenge Bowl is a friendly competition among registered PA student societies held at AAPA annual Conference.

This event is both entertaining and educational for students, faculty, graduates and guests. The faculty and student body of each PA program as a whole should agree unanimously on the students selected to participate in the Challenge Bowl.

Students’ academic commitments should not be compromised to study for the Challenge Bowl. All students should have the opportunity to participate in preparation for the Challenge Bowl.

Programs have their own unique way on how qualified students are selected for their team. Some suggestions from various programs include:

  • Practicing once a week for two hours starting in January;
  • Students accumulating points during practice sessions for correct answers and the students with the most points are chosen for the final team;
  • Some programs fund their Challenge Bowl team to attend Conference (the Student Academy does not provide funds for teams to participate);
  • Student society fundraisers to send a Challenge Bowl team to Conference.

The National Medical Challenge Bowl should be an event that fosters fun, school pride and friendly competition that is infectious for all. Winning is not the focus of the event, however learning and fun are the goals for the National Medical Challenge Bowl.

If you have questions about the Challenge Bowl, please contact the Student Academy staff advisor office at 571-319-4310 or email [email protected].