On May 20, 2022 AAPA’s House of Delegates elected by acclamation members of the Nominating Work Group with terms beginning July 1, 2022. Click the names below to meet your newly elected Nominating Work Group members.

What is the Nominating Work Group?

What is the Nominating Work Group?

In accordance with the AAPA Bylaws, Article XI, Section 2, the Nominating Work Group is composed of seven (7) members, of which five (5) are elected by plurality vote at the House of Delegates annual meeting. Two members are appointed by the Board of Directors. Nominating Work Group candidates should pre-declare their candidacy; however, write-in candidates, and nominations and self-declarations from the House floor, will be accepted at the time of elections.

The NWG is charged by the AAPA Bylaws (Article XI, Section 1) with the following responsibilities:

  1. Annually evaluate the environment and recommend to the Governance Commission any skills, capabilities or other characteristics that will support a diverse and high-performing Board of Directors.
  2. Support communication and education efforts to inform all members of elected leadership opportunities and how to qualify for those positions.
  3. Identify and recruit qualified members and encourage a broad slate of candidates to run for elected positions within AAPA.
  4. Evaluating all candidates seeking nomination according to the qualification criteria set forth in these Bylaws and according to such other selection guidelines as may be established by the Board of Directors.
  5. Endorsing a single or multiple slate of candidates for each nominated position.
Open Positions, Terms, & Descriptions

Open Positions, Terms & Descriptions

There are three (3) open positions on the NWG – two positions with two-year terms beginning on July 1, 2022; one vacancy with a term ending June 30, 2023.

  • NWG members work together to identify and recruit qualified members to run for elected offices on the AAPA Board of Directors.
  • The NWG identifies board member competencies to inform how candidates are evaluated for possible endorsement.
  • All members are expected to participate in meetings and engage in activities that support the charges of this work group.
Eligibility and Qualifications

Eligibility and Qualifications

In accordance with the AAPA Bylaws, Article XI, Section 3, Nominating Work Group members may not run for any of the positions they are evaluating for the upcoming election. Additionally:

  1. A candidate must be a fellow member of AAPA.
  2. A candidate must have been an AAPA fellow member and/or student member for the last three years.
  3. A candidate must have accumulated at least three distinct years of recognized leadership experience in the past five years through service to the AAPA; an AAPA constituent organization; an AAPA affiliated organization; and/or a healthcare-related professional or community organization. (Examples include but are not limited to: service in the AAPA House of Delegates; the PA Foundation; PAEA; a local hospice support organization; a hospital board.)
    1. Recognized leadership experience must be earned in, at least, two major areas of professional involvement.
    2. Recognized leadership experience includes a board member or organization officer; an elected or appointed representative; or a chair of a commission, committee, work group or task force.
  1. Any calendar year or Academy year in which the candidate served in more than one area of professional involvement shall be counted as one distinct year of experience.
  1. With the exception of the Board-appointed members, a Nominating Work Group member cannot hold any other elected office or commission or work group position in AAPA during the time of service on the Nominating Work Group.
2022 NWG Election Timeline

2022 Nominating Work Group Election Timeline

March 4 Candidate applications open
March 30 Deadline for candidate application submission to predeclare for a position.
April 21 Slate of candidates as of March 30 are announced.
May 6 Date eligible voters (Delegates) in the HOD Elections need to be current fellow/student members and credentialed.
May 20 NWG Candidates may declare from the floor at a specified time during the House of Delegates morning session.
May 21
  • Meet the Candidates Session for the HOD Elections
  • HOD votes for House Officers and NWG
May 22 HOD election results announced
July 1 2022-23 AAPA leadership year begins
NWG Meetings Schedule

NWG Meetings Schedule

The NWG meets by conference call periodically throughout the year. The bulk of the NWG’s work is completed between January and May to coincide with the annual election cycle. The staff advisor to the NWG will be in touch early in the leadership year to begin scheduling and planning.

Who is Eligible to Vote?

Who is Eligible to Vote?

HOD delegates who have current fellow or student membership and are credentialed/voting delegates as of May 6 will be eligible to vote for NWG candidates.