2020 Elections Timeline

Given the rapidly evolving situation with COVID-19 the Governance Commission (GovCom) has extended the timeline of AAPA 2020 Elections and is working on modifications to election procedures to address the current demands on our members and the cancellation of AAPA 2020, where many election-related events historically take place.

Applications are now due on April 19.  AAPA is working on finalizing the details surrounding this effort and will update this page accordingly.

The dates below reflect important milestones pertinent to the Board of Directors (BOD) General Election, the House of Delegates (HOD) Elections—including the House Officers and the Nominating Work Group (NWG) – and the Student Academy (SA) Election.


February 26 Any current BOD member who is choosing to run for an alternate position mid-term—which per APAA Bylaws would require them to resign their current position effective June 30—must declare their intention to run for the alternative office to the Senior Vice President of Governance and Leadership. This is to ensure any resulting 2020-21 vacancy may be published as an open position for potential candidates.
March 2 Candidate applications open.
April 19 Deadline to file BOD General Election, House Officer and Student Academy candidate applications
April 20-24 NWG interviews with BOD General Election & House Officer candidates
April 27-30 NWG call to determine a slate of candidate for BOD General Election and House Officer elections
May 1
  • Launch BOD General Election, House Officer Elections and Student Academy candidate webpages
  • Email announcement to all members announcing all election candidates
May 18 Date eligible voters in AAPA elections must be current fellow members (BOD General and House Officer Elections) or student members (Student Academy)
June 2 Voting opens at 9:00 am EDT for the BOD General, House Officer and Student Academy Elections
June 15 Voting closes at 5:00 pm EDT for the BOD General, House Officer and Student Academy Elections 
June 16 Election results announced in the BOD General, House Officer and Student Academy Elections
July 1 2020 – 2021 Leadership Year begins
July – TBD AAPA Board of Directors Meeting, Alexandria, VA

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