The Power of the Provider:
The Force We Bring as One

Join us to discover your inner strength as a healthcare professional, gain inspiration to unite with your peers, and learn to drive positive change within the healthcare system. Together, we’ll delve into the critical topics of health equity and accessibility and empower you with actionable insights to create a more functional and inclusive healthcare ecosystem. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a transformative conversation that can reshape the future of healthcare!

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Speaker: Tolya L. Thompson, PA-C

Tolya L. Thompson is a graduate of Southern University A&M College in Louisiana. After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Pre-Med Biology, Tolya was accepted into Cornell University Medical School’s Physician Assistant Program. Upon completion and becoming board certified in medicine and surgery, Tolya began her career as a physician assistant at New York Hospital Queens. It was during this period that she recognized the direct link between low literacy skills and poor health. In 2002, Tolya wrote Loud Lips Lucy, the first release in A Smarties Book™ series. Her commitment to increasing literacy and improving the health of children continued with the release of titles such as Worry Wart Wes, Catchin’ Cooties Consuelo, Ingrown Tyrone, and her most recent award-winning Fabulous Me Piper Lee series. Tolya has been practicing medicine for more than 25 years and currently specializes in emergency medicine at Sutter Roseville Medical Center.