Latest CME Activities

Nutrition Series

This series is designed to equip PAs across all specialties and settings with the knowledge and skills to effectively address nutrition-related issues with their patients. The series explores nutritional recommendations for patients with diabetes,

JAAPA CME Post-Test September 2021

Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines: An Update | ICU Survivorship: What PAs Need to Know

Research in Action 2021

Research in Action 2021 offers up to 9.5 credits of AAPA Category 1 CME and features original research about the PA profession and PA education. Learn from PA researchers as they cover topics that will… more

Your Words Matter – Language Showing Compassion and Care for Women, Infants, Families, and Communities Impacted by Substance Use Disorder

Featuring excerpts from women with lived experience, this evidence-based resource details why the cost of stigma is so high for pregnant women and mothers with SUD. How to use person-first language and terms to use… more

Words Matter – Terms to Use and Avoid When Talking About Addiction

This evidence-based content highlights the effects of stigmatizing language on patients with addiction. You’ll also learn about terms to use and to avoid (and why) and how to integrate person-first language into practice. This activity… more

Science to Medicine

This activity covers peer-reviewed research about medication treatment for opioid use disorder, screening for substance use, providing naloxone in the pharmacy setting, and managing patients’ pain. It also uses real-world examples and suggestions from your… more

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion CME Series

This series is designed to explore opportunities to advance the understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Patient Encounters in Virtual Medicine

This course reviews patient encounters in a virtual or remote care setting, specifically focusing on the various components of a video-based telemedicine encounter. Participants will learn about best practices and techniques related to pre-visit consider

Telehealth Foundations

This course reviews all of the pertinent knowledge necessary to get started in telemedicine. Participants will be able to gain foundational knowledge in the field of telemedicine, which will allow them to expand their practice… more

PAVMT Virtual Medicine CME Bundle

These courses provide a review of the pertinent knowledge necessary to get started in telemedicine and patient encounters in a virtual or remote care setting, specially focusing on the various components of video-based telemedicine encounter.

Exploring the All of Us Research Hub

All of Us, a National Institutes of Health research program, is seeking one million or more individuals from across the U.S. who have been excluded from past biomedical research to participate in creating a robust… more

Physician Assistants in Orthopaedic Surgery (PAOS) Extremities in the Carolinas Self-Assessment 2021 CME

This case-based self-assessment activity outlines evaluation and treatment of extremity injury, plus new clinical and technical skills to improve delivery of healthcare to patients with upper and/or lower extremity trauma.