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CME4Life Black Belt ECG 2nd Edition

October 7, 2022 - October 8, 2022

It’s difficult to teach EKGs to audiences.

I found this as I’ve taught college-level classes, as well as national classes on EKG (I like EKG better than ECG) interpretation, primarily to physician assistants and nurse practitioners. So why is it so difficult to teach EKGs to this diffuse audience? It’s because people approach EKGs from very different starting points. You have some people who are pretty darn advanced with EKGs. They’ve been a nurse or paramedic and they have a pretty solid foundation on EKGs. Then you have some people who have never been exposed to EKGs before and all they’re seeing is a squiggly line.

That’s exactly why we created the Black Belt EKG Program. We’ve developed a curriculum that allows sequential growth to optimize EKG interpretation. We started a white belt, similar to martial arts, where we assume you know nothing. We teach you the absolute pertinence that you need to know without the noise, without all the confusing concepts that don’t increase results. So we don’t teach you about Einthoven’s triangle because that really doesn’t affect how we interpret EKGs. We teach you about the autonomic nervous system, the conduction system, what the anatomy of the EKG is, and what it means.

By the time you earn your black belt, you have detailed mastery of the key deflections, key findings of ischemia and infarction and sinister changes, things that measurably affect our performance, and how we work with patients.

Our Black Belt EKG curriculum is taught with memory tools. We give a number of mnemonics and how to approach EKG interpretation that is clinically applicable.

Join us live or by live webinar.


Hampton Inn and Suites
80 Beach Dr. NE
St Petersburg, FL United States
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