PA Portfolio is an online storage and sharing tool from AAPA that allows you to create an inventory of essential PA career documents that can be accessed anywhere.

Securely share all your education, licensing, certification, and career records with anyone who needs it with just a few clicks from your desktop or smartphone. Your data is stored safely on AAPA servers, and shared documents are sent via a secure email link that requires a verification code.

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New Feature! Now you can transfer your AAPA-awarded Category 1 CME credits from PA Portfolio to NCCPA with just a few clicks.

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Featured Benefits


Syncs with Learning Central so that all your completed AAPA CME certificates automatically appear in your Portfolio!


Organizes all your career and employment paperwork into one secure, online location you can access from anywhere.


Alerts you by text or email when action is needed – like when your state license is about to expire.


Delivers a checklist of the most frequently requested professional documents to help shorten your employment application and onboarding process.


Creates an inventory of all your documents, so staying on top of your paperwork is a breeze.


Shares documents easily and securely with your current or potential employer – even from your smartphone.


Transfers your AAPA-awarded Category 1 CME credits to NCCPA.


What is PA Portfolio?

PA Portfolio is an online document storage and sharing tool that allows you to create an inventory of essential PA career information and documents that can be accessed anywhere, and securely shared with employers and potential employers from a desktop or smartphone.

What happens to my data if my AAPA membership or paid subscription expires?

You will still have access to your information and documents, but you will not be able to add information or documents, use alerts, or share your information with others using the secure link feature.

What is my username & password?

Your PA Portfolio login credentials are the same username and password that you use to log in to If you have forgotten your login credentials or need assistance with your login information, please contact us at [email protected].

What security measures are in place to ensure that my professional data is safe?

PA Portfolio is housed on AAPA servers that utilize best practices for management, security, communications redundancy, and back-up and recovery measures. Sharing and exporting of your data and documents from PA Portfolio is provided through a secure email link and requires a verification code to access.

Can I change my profile information?

PA Portfolio pulls information from your AAPA account the first time you log in including your name, address, phone and email address. You can change all information except for your name, which must stay as your legal name for credentialing purposes. To change your name as displayed, contact AAPA Customer Care at [email protected], and note that you wish to update your name, and provide documentation, such as a photo or copy of your driver’s license, or marriage certificate.

What kind of information can be stored and shared in PA Portfolio?

PA Portfolio allows you to securely store and share important education, licensing, certification, and career records. From diplomas to CME transcripts to certification and license documentation, it’s all accessible and shareable from any location.

Do I have to upload all of my information at once?

No. You can upload a portion of your documents now, and return later to add more. Your documents are automatically saved during each visit. Add more documents and share them with your mobile phone or tablet when it’s convenient for you.

Is there a storage limit?

There is no limit on the number of documents you can store in your Portfolio. You can upload PDF, JPEG/JPG, PNG, BMP and TIFF documents (limit 10 MB per document).


“PA Portfolio is excellent! It is very well organized and user friendly.“

Rosalie Adox, PA-C

“Very well designed and easy to use.”

Jenny Rizel