Treating More Patients with Chronic Conditions

If it seems like you are seeing more patients these days, and that they have more health problems than they used to, that’s because you probably are.

Employing a PA

PAs are crucial in primary care. Find out why you should hire one for your team.

Now Available! New Resource on State PA Laws

The new, 18th edition of PA State Laws and Regulations is here – and AAPA members save 60 percent.


PA Employer Q&A with Allegheny Health Network

Susan Manzi, MD, MPH, chair of the department of medicine and co-director of the Lupus Center of Excellence at the Allegheny Health Network, is a champion for PAs.

PA Employer Q&A with BSWH Senior Executive on PA Utilization, Hiring and Retention

Senior executive for the largest hospital system in Texas expounds on PA hiring, utilization and retention.

Your Guide to Reimbursement for PA Services

Just updated! The Essential Guide to PA Reimbursement helps your organization avoid concerns about fraud and abuse and maximize the collection of appropriate reimbursement for medical and surgical services delivered by PAs.


Retail Clinics: An Opportunity for PAs and NPs to Work Together

A couple of years ago, I attended an AAPA Conference, where I was an exhibitor with MinuteClinic, and was profoundly struck by the interactions I had with many of my colleagues.

Shared Medical Appointments

Shared medical appointments (SMAs), also known as group visits, are a growing topic of discussion among providers looking for ways to increase access to care and improve efficiency.

The Center for Healthcare Leadership and Management

Find programs, advisory services and other offerings for PA employers and current and aspiring PA executives.

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