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Secrets of Working Collaboratively in Interprofessional Teams: Insights from Healthcare Experts

Discover the secrets to effective collaboration in healthcare with insights from seasoned PAs. Explore how professionals like Laura Delaney, Danielle Horgen, Logan Driscoll, and Makenzie Driscoll navigate the complexities of interprofessional teamwork, sharing experiences and advice on building strong relationships for better patient care.

Unlock the Doors to PA School with these CASPA Tips

The journey toward becoming a PA begins with the pivotal application to PA school. Pre-PAs who plan to apply to PA school this cycle should take note of the following important takeaways.

Creating a Five-Year PA Career Plan

Creating a five-year plan for your PA career is an empowering way to take charge of your career development. Read on for the PA Career Coach’s advice on how to identify your career goals and translate those goals into an actionable plan.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Healthcare Consultant

Led by PA Michael Asbach, this interactive members-only webinar will help you understand the healthcare consulting role, develop key skills, build a strong CV, leverage your healthcare experience, and navigate the entry into consulting.

Key Networking Tips for Pre-PAs

Do you want to learn from the experiences and insights of PA and PA student experts? This article includes the biggest takeaways from participants of the Pre-PA Virtual Mixer, including how to prepare for PA school and excel in your career as a PA.

2023 Pre-PA Virtual Mixer

Malatrice Montgomery, PA-C and host of the the 2023 Pre-PA Virtual Mixer, shares her tips for networking, even as an introvert.

Approach to limiting bias for patients with Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders

Stigma and bias can lead to poor patient outcomes for people who have mental health and substance use disorders. So, what can providers do to help patients and limit their barriers to receiving good care? Find out how you can help mitigate bias and stigma in the healthcare setting.

Putting Bias Aside

It is essential that providers can connect with patients, recognize signs of mental health and substance use disorders, and holistically approach the treatment of these patients. In this article, you will learn how bias and stigma affect health outcomes for patients with mental illness and substance use disorders, and identify some of the different types of bias and stigma that may affect the care that healthcare providers give to their patients.

Keys to a Thriving PA-Physician Team

The happiest PAs feel like they are part of a vital, mutually supportive team. Read on to learn the most common roots of dissatisfying team relationships and learn the PA Career Coach’s tips for cultivating and maintaining a strong relationship with the physicians on your team.

PA Scope of Practice

PAs are proven and integral members of the U.S. healthcare system. But what exactly do PAs do? And who decides? The boundaries of each PA’s scope of practice are determined by these parameters: education and experience; state law; policies of employers and facilities, and the needs of the patients. 

Specialty Transitions: Researching the Best Options for You

PA Career Coach Jennifer Hohman frequently works with clients who are considering changing their specialty. Find out how she helps her clients find the right specialty for them through careful self-assessment, research, and networking.

PA Administrators

PAs in administration utilize leadership and management competencies above and beyond their clinical skill set to positively affect patient care; they are aspiring or current experts in the business of medicine, revenue cycle management, quality improvement, health information technology, and compliance. AAPA supports PA administrators by offering opportunities to acquire skills and knowledge.

Beyond Your Day Job: Career Advancement via Side Gigs

Join PA Shayne Foley, co-founder of The PA Blueprint, LLC, in this interactive webinar that explores side gigs for PAs. Attendees can earn 1.0 AAPA Category 1 CME credit.

2023 Premium Member Media Training

Join the AAPA Communications Team for a comprehensive training focused on how you can engage the media to tell the PA story. The training is available exclusively to AAPA Fellow Premium members.

4 Ways to Maximize Your Gap Year as a Pre-PA Student

Are you considering taking a gap year before PA school? A gap year can lead to tremendous personal and professional growth and help you become a more competitive PA program applicant.