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Resources for a Rewarding PA Career

To help practicing PAs to navigate patient relationships well, AAPA has developed ethical guidelines for the PA profession that offer a framework for your decision-making and confidentiality in the internet age.

PA Reimbursement

Although you do not need to be an expert in PA coverage policies, you should have a general understanding of reimbursement issues.

Before You Start Working

Use our checklist to be prepared to start practicing strong on day one.

Anatomy of a Contract icon

Anatomy of a Contract

Use our interactive tool to familiarize yourself with a contract. We’ve outlined the key elements typically found in PA employment contracts and offered some advice on what to expect, ask for, and be wary of in each section.

Explaining PA Practice to Employers

Be ready to educate potential employers about the PA profession, the ways you can contribute to medical care, and more with our educational and promotional materials.


Thinking about using a recruiter to find your next PA job? Use our checklist to vet your choice and see a list of common warning signs.

Guide: Prepare for In-Depth Interview Questions

In your job interview, be prepared for in-depth questions. This resource can help you anticipate what questions to expect. We’ve provided some space for you to make notes in advance. Remember: You are interviewing because you are a good candidate, so be confident. Most interviewers are more interested in getting to know you as a person.

Guide: Questions for Your Potential Employer

Don’t forget the interview process is two-way. Ask questions and learn whether this is an environment in which you will thrive as a PA, and to determine if this position reflects your interests and desired style of practice.