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Areas of Practice

The Areas of Practice Guide is a collection of data, CME, personal perspectives, networking and job opportunities, and other tools and resources that AAPA has pulled together to help you succeed.

PA Scope of Practice

PAs are proven and integral members of the U.S. healthcare system. But what exactly do PAs do? And who decides? The boundaries of each PA’s scope of practice are determined by these parameters: education and experience; state law; policies of employers and facilities, and the needs of the patients. 

Specialty Transitions: Researching the Best Options for You

PA Career Coach Jennifer Hohman frequently works with clients who are considering changing their specialty. Find out how she helps her clients find the right specialty for them through careful self-assessment, research, and networking.

PA Administrators

PAs in administration utilize leadership and management competencies above and beyond their clinical skill set to positively affect patient care; they are aspiring or current experts in the business of medicine, revenue cycle management, quality improvement, health information technology, and compliance. AAPA supports PA administrators by offering opportunities to acquire skills and knowledge.

Beyond Your Day Job: Career Advancement via Side Gigs

Join PA Shayne Foley, co-founder of The PA Blueprint, LLC, in this interactive webinar that explores side gigs for PAs. Attendees can earn 1.0 AAPA Category 1 CME credit.

2023 Premium Member Media Training

Join the AAPA Communications Team for a comprehensive training focused on how you can engage the media to tell the PA story. The training is available exclusively to AAPA Fellow Premium members.

4 Ways to Maximize Your Gap Year as a Pre-PA Student

Are you considering taking a gap year before PA school? A gap year can lead to tremendous personal and professional growth and help you become a more competitive PA program applicant.

Interviewing in Different Formats: Insights for a Great Meeting

Preparing for a virtual interview is very similar to preparing for an in-person interview, but there are special considerations. Read on to learn how Jennifer Hohman, the PA Career Coach, advises her clients to prepare for a virtual interview, and why you should schedule a practice call with a trusted friend before the big day.

Applying to PA School: How to Choose the Right Program

Deciding what PA programs to apply to can be a challenge. It’s important for prospective students to select programs that meet their educational desires and complement their strengths. Follow our top tips for evaluating programs and earn your seat in the next PA cohort.

PAs in Administration Offer Advice for Expanding Leadership Skills

An AAPA Huddle Ask Me session called on two experienced PAs to answer questions on developing leadership skills, knowing when to obtain an additional degree, and the advantages and disadvantages of various administration roles.

How to Overcome Struggles in Family Medicine

In an AAPA Huddle Ask Me session, two experts with years of experience in family medicine answered questions on increasing the number of PAs in the field, the benefits of getting involved in the community, and how to negotiate for better conditions for PAs and their patients.

Taking A Sabbatical

PAs report high job satisfaction but also suffer from burnout, which can take extended periods to fully recover from. Taking a sabbatical from the profession has many benefits and can help foster burnout recovery.


Surgery is one of the most popular PA specialties – approximately a quarter of the U.S. PA workforce practices in surgery! In addition, more and more PAs are entering the surgical field, helping to ease provider shortages and representing a larger trend towards team-based care in the operating room.

Cover Letter Guide

Home Career Central Career Resources Cover Letter Guide A well-written cover letter is an effective way to introduce yourself and your work to prospective employers and spark their interest. Cover […]

Resume and CV Guide

Use our guides to determine whether you need a resume, a CV, or both. Whichever you choose, these essential career documents should be straightforward and specific, convey your achievements to potential employers, and show how you fit the role and experience they are seeking in a PA.