American Academy of Physician Assistants

State Advocacy

Our state advocacy is focused on making sure your state’s laws and regulations allow you to provide the highest level of care to your patients.

We advocate for PA-positive laws and regulations in every state. This includes working with PA state and specialty associations on laws and regulations that affect PA practice.

We also work with stakeholders on policies that support full PA practice. Some of our partners include the Federation of State Medical Boards, National Governors Association and state advocacy staff at national physician and advocacy organizations.

Learn about your state’s laws below and what you can do to help improve PA practice.

PA Victories 2016

PA Advocacy broke down significant barriers to PA Practice in 2016.

Major PA Victory in Michigan

PAs in Michigan are applauding the enactment of House Bill 5533, which increases patient access to healthcare by modernizing and updating how PAs practice.

Six Key Elements of a Modern PA Practice Act

The essentials of an ideal state law.

State laws and regulations 

Summaries of PA laws by state.

The revised 16th Edition of "PA State Laws and Regulations" includes all 50 states and the District of Columbia and is available at AAPA's web store.

State advocacy resources

Tools you can use to be an effective advocate.