Grassroots Advocacy and Information Network

AAPA’s Grassroots Advocacy and Information Network (GAIN) is a nationwide network of PAs who are strengthening the future of the profession by building relationships with members of Congress and their staff.

When advocacy opportunities arise, GAIN PAs jump to action. They reach out to their contacts in Congress and let them know how decisions made on Capitol Hill can affect patients and communities back home.

What is GAIN?

GAIN is a nationwide network of PAs who want to help patients and the profession by contacting members of Congress and their staff about policy priorities and who are willing to build relationships with those legislators for the benefit of the profession.

Why join GAIN?

As a PA, you offer a unique perspective:

  • PAs have key insight to the problems facing healthcare delivery in America, especially in rural, frontier, border and urban underserved communities and populations.
  • PAs are energetic, passionate and have unique and powerful stories to tell about patients and communities.
  • Members of Congress look to PAs to provide them with cues, perspective and information on healthcare decisions affecting their communities.

You’ll receive:

  • Calls to action on federal legislation that affects the PA profession
  • Tips for building strong relationships with legislators
  • Exclusive tools for spreading the word on PA priority issues

Who Can Join GAIN?

All PAs and PA students are encouraged to join GAIN. If you are interested in shaping the future of the profession, then GAIN is for you.

How Do I Join GAIN?

To join GAIN, contact Kristin Butterfield, Director, Grassroots and Political Advocacy, at [email protected], 571-319-4340, or log on to AAPA’s Advocacy Action Center to join.