Reach a Qualified PA Audience With Sponsored Retargeting

How It Works

Retargeting uses cookies to track visitors and shows your ads to these audiences on other websites. You’ll be able to advertise directly to PAs and other important healthcare professionals.

Ad retargeting guarantees exposure to the PAs you’re trying to reach. No more guessing whether or not your ads are reaching the right potential customers.

See detailed analytics in real-time, including number of times your ad has been seen, number of clicks on your ad, and more.

More about PAs and AAPA

Impressions 100,000 Impressions for $5,000
50,000 Impressions for $3,250
25,000 Impressions for $1,750
Ad Sizes 300 x 250px – Medium Rectangle
728 x 90px – Leaderboard
160 x 600px – Skyscraper
Format JPG/GIF
Static Images Only
No Flash
Duration One Month

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