HOD Volunteer Opportunities

There are several ways to be involved in the HOD with or without being a delegate. Below are descriptions for these opportunities.

Once you’ve decided which position(s) you would like to volunteer for, please complete the volunteer form.

Thank you for your interest!


Standing Rules Committee (SRC)

  • Charges:
    • This committee responsible for reviewing the Standing Rules (SRs) to identify any conflicts with AAPA Bylaws & policies. In addition, the SRC is responsible for identifying any gaps in the SRs and recommend proposed changes which would further facilitate the work of the House.
    • The House Officers may identify additional work required that is relevant to HOD operations.
  • Time Commitment: 6-8 months
    • Regular review of and responding to emails
    • Multiple conference calls
  • Experience:
    • Previous experience in the HOD is highly encouraged in order to have an awareness of the inner workings and functionality of the House.
  • Deadline to apply: August 1, 2020


Reference Committees (Chair, Member and Secretary positions available)

  • Charges:
    • Attend the HOD meeting.
    • The number of required committees is determined by the volume and content of resolutions submitted. Each Reference Committee has responsibilities both prior to the annual HOD meeting and onsite during the meeting.
      • Prior to:
        • Review all resolutions assigned to your committee.
        • Contact resolution sponsors for additional information as requested by the chair. Report this information back to your committee.
        • Secretaries will have an orientation via conference call once appointments are made.
      • Onsite:
        • Chairs, Members, and Secretaries attend a committee orientation the evening before the HOD meeting.
        • All Reference Committee members are seated on stage during their respective hearing and then again on the final day of the HOD to present their committee’s report back to the HOD.
        • Carefully listen to ALL testimony, take notes which will assist you during deliberations, and any other duties assigned by the chair.
        • The secretary is seated on stage along with committee members.
        • The secretary is responsible for taking formal notes during the committee’s hearing. Additionally, the secretary is responsible for typing the committee’s summary of pro and con testimony received and recommendation on each resolution into a formal report.
        • After the hearing concludes, the reference committee will meet privately to deliberate and develop a recommendation to the HOD for each resolution based upon what the committee feels is the will of the House.
        • On the third and final day of the HOD, chairs and members join your committee on stage to present your report to the delegates.
      • Time Commitment:
        • 2-4 hours leading up to the HOD meeting (chairs and members)
        • 30 minutes leading up to the HOD meeting for the secretary’s orientation
        • 1 hour for the committees’ orientation (1.5 hours for chairs)
        • 2-3 hours for the hearing (all)
        • 2-6 hours in developing the report of recommendations (all)
      • Experience:
        • Committee chairs MUST be credentialed delegates. Members can be delegates, but are not required to be. Previous HOD experience is recommended, but not required.
        • Students are encouraged to apply for a committee member and/or secretary position. There will be one student member and one secretary position for each committee.
      • Deadline to apply: March 12, 2020


Credentialing Committee

  • Charges:
    • Attend the HOD meeting.
    • This committee is comprised of 3 or more individuals responsible for ensuring delegation compliance, credentialing (checking in) delegates for the HOD meeting, ensuring completion of conflict of interest disclosures, accepting/processing delegate change forms, passing out delegate ribbons and other materials as needed, and answering questions (meeting schedule, room locations, etc.)
    • Committee members may be involved in outreach efforts during the year to assist in bringing constituent organizations into compliance by:
      • requesting the completion of officer update forms or delegate notification forms
      • contacting officers or delegates who no longer have current AAPA Fellow membership
  • Time Commitment:
    • 5 hours (2:30-7 pm) the evening before the HOD meeting opens
    • 8 hours on the first day of the HOD meeting
  • Experience:
      • Previous HOD experience is suggested, but not required.
  • Deadline to apply: September 18, 2020


HOD Elections Committee Member (1 open position)

  • Charges:
    • Attend the HOD meeting
    • The House Elections Committee will be responsible for conducting and tallying the results of the House elections. The committee will consist of three members: one member from the Governance Commission, one member from the House, and the chair of the Tellers Committee.
  • Time Commitment:
    • 30 minutes on the first day of the House
    • 1-2 hours at the beginning of the 3rd day of the HOD meeting to assist in tallying votes
  • Experience:
    • The Elections Committee’s “one member from the House” MUST be a credentialed delegate.
  • Deadline to apply: March 12, 2020


HOD Teller

A teller’s manual will be distributed further explaining the items below closer to the date of the HOD meeting.

  • Expectations/Responsibilities:
    • Attend the HOD meeting (and Teller’s Orientation whenever possible)
    • Maintain security on the HOD floor
    • Insure the integrity of the voting and balloting processes for the HOD
    • Assist delegates and House Officers in the performance of their duties
    • Collect delegate passes when not in session
    • Distribute materials as needed to the delegates
  • Time Commitment:
    • 1 hour the evening before the HOD meeting for the teller’s orientation
    • 1 hour the first morning of the HOD meeting prior to the meeting beginning to assist with preparation
    • The greatest number of tellers is needed during the General Sessions (which are closed sessions) on the morning of day one and the morning and possibly afternoon of the third and final day of the HOD. There is less work for tellers to do during the Reference Committee hearings (afternoon of day one and all of day two), but this is the best time to see and hear the bulk of the activities of the HOD.  This is also the best time to ask questions and learn the process.
    • The time requirements for the tellers will depend on their personal schedules and the number of available tellers. Please tell the Tellers Committee Chair about any scheduling conflicts.
  • Experience:
    • No previous HOD experience is necessary. Students are encouraged to apply.