Constituent Organization Awards

AAPA’s Outreach and Advocacy Awards are presented each year to recognize constituent organizations (COs) for their outstanding programs, projects and initiatives. All COs are eligible to submit an entry including state chapters, federal service chapters, specialty organizations, caucuses and special interest groups.

What project or initiative is your CO undertaking this year? Could it be an award contender? Applications for 2021 awards will be accepted from October 1, 2020 through January 29, 2021. Read program rules before applying.

For more information, contact the Constituent Relations Work Group at [email protected].




The 2020 Award winners:




The Expand PA Opportunities award was presented to the North Carolina Academy of PAs.  NCAPA’s PA Student Toolkit, developed by PA student and NCAPA member Morgan Dailey, provided legislators’ biographies, a pre-brief training with NCAPA leaders, and detailed guidance on attending meetings, delivering leave-behinds, exchanging NCAPA and legislator business cards, completing surveys following the visits, and debriefing afterwards.




The Advance the PA Identity award was presented to the Society of Dermatology PAs. SDPA was honored for their Greater Access for Patients Partnership (GAPP) public awareness campaign, which was launched in April 2019. The campaign promotes strategic solutions to the problem of patient wait times and engages dermatology patients and medical professionals in collaborative support for timely access to high-quality dermatological care.




The Create Progressive Work Environments for PAs award was presented to the North Dakota Academy of PAs. NDAPA secured passage of House Bill 1175, which introduced Optimal Team Practice (OTP) to North Dakota. PAs there are no longer required to have a supervisory agreement with a physician for licensure, and can now practice at almost any clinic, hospital, nursing facility, or surgery center without a state-mandated agreement with a physician.