Board of Directors

The AAPA Board of Directors is the governing body responsible for AAPA’s strategic, administrative and financial management.

House of Delegates

The House of Delegates is responsible for enacting policies establishing the collective values, philosophies and principals of the PA profession.

Student Academy

The Student Academy Board of Directors and AOR lead student efforts to further the mission of the Academy and move toward our vision of the future.


Volunteer leaders represent the AAPA in more than 400 opportunities to represent the AAPA and the profession, from long-term appointments to one-day activities.


Members are the driving force behind AAPA governance, electing our leaders and providing the direction they wish to see.

Governance Documents & Policies

Each of these stakeholders contributes to the Governance Documents and Policies, the AAPA Strategic Plan, and the Endorsed Clinical Guidelines which guide the work of the Academy and PAs across the country.