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PA Week

Stay tuned for 2015 PA Week updates!

National PA Week is held every year from Oct. 6–12, and the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) is committed to helping you recognize the value of PAs. 

Looking for a way to celebrate? We’ve put together a list below to help you out, complete with step-by-step guides.

Make sure to attend the AAPA Virtual Career Fair, which will connect you in real time with employers seeking to recruit top talent. 

Top 10 Banner for PA Week-2

1. Promote PA Week

Hang up a PA Week poster in your lobby, classroom, hallway or a public space!

Click on one of the posters below to download (PDF).

America Loves PAs thumb America Needs PAs thumb   America Thanks PAs thumb   Hospital Thanks Thumb  

Get state PA Week stamps here.  

You can also grab a co-branded poster, a newspaper ad or a website banner.

2. Celebrate #PAweek on social media

We're offering more ways to celebrate PA Week than ever before. From the first-ever #PAweek Photo Challenge to infographics to PA Week profile images, we want to give PAs and students all they need to celebrate the PA profession and raise awareness about PAs.

Learn more about how to get social for PA Week.  

3. Educate your patients

Need a brochure that explains PAs for patients? 

Grab the latest version of our "America Needs PAs" patient brochure (PDF).

Visit the areas below to learn more about PAs:


4. Host a networking meeting

PA Week can also be a time to connect with other medical providers, researchers or administrators and increase your professional network.


5. Share the What is a PA video

Use this in your practice or on social media to spread awareness about your profession. Also, en español!


6. Talk with your local media

PA Week is a great time to talk to your local media about highlighting how PAs practice medicine or the valuable roles PAs play in delivering high-quality healthcare. (Photo source: Flickr: Matthew Keefe)


7. Sponsor a health fair or preventive screening

You may want to co-sponsor this event with a larger institution such as a hospital, health club or community center to share expenses and responsibilities.

  PA Week-Screening2  

8. Host an event for children

This could be a reading hour that emphasizes health at a library, or a fitness test at a YMCA or community center. Encouraging healthy, active lifestyles among youth shows that PAs are ambassadors of quality healthcare.


9. Reach out to local schools

Educate students about who PAs are, how they work with patients and how to become one. You never know: The event might be an inspiration to someone in attendance.


10. Meet with your legislator

This is a great way to get to know their priorities and communicate your views on important issues.


Co-branded posters, ads and web banners

Co-brand one of these posters by adding your university, hospital, or state organization logo (PDF):

Use one of these full- or half-page ads for your local newspaper, newsletter or e-newsletter (PDF):

Or grab one of these web banners for your site:

Show your support for PA Week by proudly displaying this badge on your website. Copy and paste the code below!

PA Week Downloadable Badge

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