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PAs believe that when patients are healthier—when their care is personalized and effective, their questions are answered, and they’re empowered to take charge of their long-term well-being—communities flourish.

PAs recognize the importance
of preventive care.

They conduct screenings, check-ups, and patient education in order to identify and treat problems early. Preventive care improves the patient’s well-being, boosts community health, and eases the strain on America’s healthcare system over time.

“It’s extremely rewarding to see a patient make progress. Whether they quit smoking, lose weight, lower their blood sugar, or make some other positive change, I get to see it and celebrate it with them at follow-up appointments.”

— Amber Davis, PA-C

Seven out of 10 U.S. deaths

are caused by chronic disease, and half of the U.S. population has been diagnosed with preventable chronic illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes. (CDC)

PAs are public
health advocates.

Equipped with the knowledge of what to screen for and the tools and resources to create appropriate treatment plans, PAs are leading on many national public health priorities, including but not limited to:

PAs serve and advocate for
vulnerable populations every day.

Jonathan Baker, PA-C, MPAS

A PA based in New York City, Baker primarily works with gay men, and specializes in anal pathology with a focus on HPV, sexual health, and HIV prevention. As a clinician, a clinical researcher, and an advocate for the health of sexual and gender diverse communities, Baker is a leader in health education and improving health outcomes for the LGBTQ+ community.

Col. Richard A. Villarreal , PhD, PA-C

Villarreal has served as a PA instructor and IPAP branch chief, a staff officer in the Clinical Services division of the US Army Medical Command, battalion commander of Troop Command North at Walter Reed Bethesda, and the PA program director for the IPAP – the largest PA training program in the world. Currently, Villarreal is the dean of academics for the Medical Education & Training Campus. He is passionate about taking care of America’s military force, people who have dedicated their lives to defend our nation. Villarreal understands the unique needs and perspectives of military patients and goes beyond every day as he works with his patients to alleviate their pain and treat illness.

PAs are committed

to working to increase access to quality, cost-effective, patient-centered healthcare for all communities. Modernizing federal and state laws and regulations to ensure they keep pace with the changes in healthcare delivery is essential to this mission.

91% of U.S. adults say PA practice laws should be updated to allow states and healthcare systems to fully utilize their healthcare workforce.

— (The Harris Poll; The Patient Experience: Perspectives on Today’s Healthcare)

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