ePosters and Research in Action

AAPA 2021 Call for Research Proposals

The call for submissions is closed at this time. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, presenters will be virtual in some form. We ask for your patience as we adapt to the changing situation.

Industry Sponsored Research

AAPA Research will not consider submissions for ePosters or Research in Action with industry or medical education company involvement or sponsorship. Authors may have relationships to industry (which must be disclosed), but the submission as well as any ePosters and presentations themselves must be independent of those relationships: written by the author without industry or medical education company planning, oversight, editing, review, financial support, or approval. Please reach out to our Business Development team to learn about opportunities for research with industry-sponsorship.

Support PA Research

One simple way you can support PA research is to become a peer reviewer. Both the ePoster Session and Research in Action series rely on peer reviewers from JAAPA to maintain the high quality of submissions and participants. If you are interested in becoming a peer reviewer for AAPA ePosters and Research in Action, contact us.

Interested in becoming a peer reviewer for JAAPAVisit

Questions? Email us.