ePosters & Research in Action

ePosters & Research in Action

ePoster Meet the Author presentations

Sunday, May 21 – Monday, May 22

Research in Action & Research Rounds

Saturday, May 20 – Monday, May 22

Call for submissions is now open through January 8, 2023! To submit your abstract for consideration, visit our new online portal link.

Join us at AAPA 2023 from Saturday, May 20, 2023, to Wednesday, May 24, 2023, in Nashville, TN, at the Music City Center. This year we have some exciting events in store, including news ways to share your work with a bigger audience. We hope to see you there!

New for 2023

ePoster Meet the Author Sessions. We are trying something new this year in lieu of the traditional Meet the Author sessions, there are two venues for presenting ePosters: (1) ePoster Research Rounds (CME) which are 6-minute presentations within a 1-hour time block held in a CME room and (2) ePoster Meet the Authors (non-CME) which are 3-minute presentations in Exhibit Hall.

Industry Sponsored ePosters. We are once again accepting industry-sponsored ePosters. Corporate/industry research will only be considered for ePoster Meet the Author Sessions, which are non-CME. Please note, corporate/industry sponsored ePosters will not be available online through the AAPA website.

Proposal Process. We have transitioned to a new platform for proposal submissions. We hope this makes your experience easier.

Research Completeness. Your ongoing research project does not need to be completed by the time of your presentation if you are submitting new primary research. Please indicate the work is ongoing within the submission portal, include preliminary results, proposed analyses, anticipated findings, and applications for the research.

Presentation Formats, Dates, and Times

Research in Action: 25-minute time block, prepare to speak for approximately 20 minutes and answer questions for 5 minutes. (CME; includes honorarium for 1 speaker for session)

ePoster Research Rounds: 60-minute time block, 8 authors speak for 6 minutes each and have 12 minutes available at the end to meet with attendees. (CME)

ePoster Meet the Authors: 60-minute time block, 12 authors speak for 3 minutes each and have time available at the end to meet within attendees. (non-CME)

AAPA 2023 Themes and Presentation Types


We are looking for presentation proposals related, but not limited, to the following themes:

Creativity and Innovation. We are looking for research that highlights creative ways PAs are finding ways to help PAs increase access to care, implementing innovative treatments, establishing novel work teams, and developing PA Programs. Share research on creative ways to break down barriers and improve patient care.

PA Role and Practice. Research in this area may address the reach of the PA profession; PAs roles on, as well as the dynamics of, medical teams with, a focus on team collaboration; innovations into the expanded roles of PAs; and how legislation and systems influence the way PAs practice.

PA Value and Impact. Research in this area may address the role PAs play in providing quality healthcare, improving patient satisfaction, or increasing access to care. It may also address public awareness or perceptions of PAs; or PA utilization as it relates to the cost effectiveness, or medical liabilities, of healthcare.

Understanding the PA Workforce. Research in this area may address issues of diversity with the profession; PA specialization trends; the ability for PAs to have career flexibility; workforce projections; or how national and state practice barriers are impacting PAs.

Research Types

The presentation does not have to include new primary research. Rather, we are looking for research with clear application to the PA profession. If you have a project that you think will spark an idea for research in others, consider submitting your work! In addition to:

  • New original research on PAs and PA education
  • Case studies and clinical reviews of unusual conditions
  • Pilot studies and demonstration projects such as a clinical or educational intervention
  • Evidence based medicine related to new or updated clinical guidelines
  • Quality improvement activities including team optimization and improving patient outcomes

And much more! When in doubt, reach out to us!

Encore presentations, or research that has been previously presented at other organizations’ meetings, are permissible for the ePoster session but are not eligible for publication in JAAPA.


All submissions to must be submitted no later than January 8, 2023, at 11:59 pm EST. It is strongly recommended submitting authors begin the submission process prior to the last day of the deadline. You can begin your application, save your progress, and email yourself a link to finish later within the submission portal.

If you have any questions, contact us at [email protected]. Allow up to two business days for a response.