PA Brand Campaign

AAPA will launch a new PA brand campaign at the national AAPA Conference in May 2022. Designed to showcase the vital role PAs have in today’s healthcare system, the new PA brand will educate consumers, healthcare colleagues, and other stakeholders about the value of PAs. The new brand will also provide tools and resources to help you share your story about being a member of this essential profession.

Simply by being a PA, you are living the PA brand every day. The PA brand is reflected in those very personal and caring interactions you have with patients that leave a lasting impression. These stories are powerful tools to educate the public about the critical PA role in healthcare.

AAPA is committed to helping you share your personal story and invites you to consider the following opportunities to elevate the profession’s visibility:

  • Participate in conversations as a thought or opinion leader – whether at a forum, on a nationally recognized panel, or through editorial content – to represent the profession on a body of work that will impact healthcare policy.
  • Collaborate on research that provides insights into how PAs are impacting top healthcare concerns such as workforce challenges, the need for more primary care providers, and the rise in mental health concerns.
  • Share stories with the media about successful patient outcomes that demonstrate compassion and human connection.
  • Be a PA representative on a panel of experts at a healthcare conference, providing PA perspectives and experience in delivering high-quality care to patients.
  • Engage with a social media influencer or entertainer who is a patient willing to tell a story about how their PA was a true partner in wellness.
  • Partner with organizations and corporations to amplify PA voices within their networks.

For more opportunities to get involved, explore these opportunities from AAPA.